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Google Cloud : promo code

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Google Cloud

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2 deals available
Meet your business challenges head on with cloud computing services.
Cloud Platform is a set of modular services on the cloud, enabling you to create anything from simple websites to complex applications.
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2 deals available

$300 in credits

All our deals are negotiated by our team with each partner and are updated regularly.
This deal is available to both new and existing customers.

$2 000 in credits

All our deals are negotiated by our team with each partner and are updated regularly.
This deal is available to both new and existing customers.
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march 2024 -

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Google Cloud

Benefit from a discount of 300$ in credits on any plan offered by Google Cloud.

Save $300 in credits on a Google Cloud deal thanks to our exclusive partnership.

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Google Cloud

Accelerate your transformation with Google Cloud
Develop applications faster, make smarter strategic decisions and make it easier for your employees to collaborate wherever they are.

Develop new applications and experiences faster
Avoid vendor lock-in and accelerate application development with Google Cloud's open source, multi-cloud and hybrid cloud approach.

Improve decision-making across the enterprise
Give your entire team access to business insights with Google Cloud's machine learning and advanced analytics capabilities.

Transform the way you communicate and collaborate
Rethink the way your team members communicate with each other, whether face-to-face or remotely, with integrated video conferencing, messaging, chat and document collaboration applications.

Invest in a cloud solution and deploy it with confidence
Protect your data with advanced security services, save money with our innovative pricing and run your applications on the greenest cloud in the industry.

Infrastructure modernization
Modernize your cloud infrastructure, and run mission-critical workloads such as VMware, SAP, Oracle and Windows natively on Google Cloud.

Migrate and manage your enterprise data securely and reliably, with high availability and fully managed data services.

Application modernization
Modernize your legacy applications, and develop new services that leverage Kubernetes, containers and other cloud-native features.

Intelligent analysis
Gain actionable insights from complex analyses with a fully managed, serverless analytics platform.

AI and machine learning
Make AI and ML solutions available to your teams to improve the efficiency of your customer service, recruitment processes and more.

Detect, analyze and respond to online threats with proven security solutions to protect businesses.

Business application platform
Securely automate processes and easily develop applications without coding, leveraging your existing data with APIs.

Productivity and collaboration
Work faster, more efficiently and more collaboratively with Google Workspace, an enterprise productivity solution featuring applications such as Gmail, Docs, Drive and Meet.

Instill agility throughout the retail value chain, from in-store operations and merchandising to customer acquisition and loyalty.

Financial Services
Manage risk, make more timely decisions and maintain your competitiveness while meeting compliance requirements in fast-changing financial markets.

Healthcare and life sciences
Deliver a personalized patient experience, modernize research and development, and meet the complex challenges of the healthcare and life sciences sectors.

Multimedia and entertainment
Create quality content, simplify workflows, rapidly launch new digital services and transform the experience for your audiences.

Public Sector
Improve citizen services, boost operational efficiency, and implement innovative, proven solutions within your administrative authority.

Video games
Attract gamers from all over the world, and optimize your developers' efficiency with NoOps infrastructure and real-time data insights.

Improve employee efficiency, optimize revenues, innovate and achieve operational excellence at every stage of the industrial value chain.

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